Ph.D Ben-Gurion University
M.A. Tel Aviv University
B.A. Tel Aviv University

Postdoc, University of Copenhagen, Department of Food and Resource Economics

I am a comparative sociologist, trained in qualitative methods, with a background in both sociological and political science theory.

I am currently doing a 3 year postdoc (2022-2025) in the University of Copenhagen, and taking part in both a European Union grant project and an Innovation Fund Denmark project.

Algorithmic Governance 2023-2024 Autumn Semester ASRK22108U

My current research interests are: For my published work please refer to my Publications section. I also created a Glossary section in order to clarify in brief key terms I use in my writing.

I share my research findings and participate in academic debates through presentations I give and workshops I participate in (see Talks section). I also make a point of sharing my research findings and conclusions with non-academic organizations and forums as part of 'public sociology'.

I serve as a reviewer of academic works both in official and unofficial capacities, and am always happy to read and comment on new work in my fields. For some additional facts about me click here.