Ph.D Ben-Gurion University
M.A. Tel Aviv University
B.A. Tel Aviv University

I am a comparative sociologist, trained in qualitative methods, with a background in both sociological and political science theory. My research interests vary, and span from science technology and society (STS), to labor studies, and from macro social theory to methodological/philosophy of science questions. My recently published book, The Stratifying Trade Union: The Case of Ethnic and Gender Inequality in Palestine, 1920-1948 (Palgrave Macmillan 2017), explores the trade union's effects on social inequality by studying the access different workers' groups have to the union's resources and decision-making hubs. The book received raving endorsements from both scholars of trade unions, and of the Israel/Palestine case study. Other recent research focuses on policies emanating from majoritarian groups which make use of democratic settings in a repressive manner (Critical Sociology), and on the dilemma whether technology can enable independent large-scope research (Current Sociology). I am currently working on several studies within the fields of surveillance studies, AI studies, and of work and technology (for a short description see the Research section). My latest article was published in Surveillance & Society and deals with how surveillance that uses databases as its main mode of operation is being used in order to empower marginalized groups. I also recently authored a book chapter in an edited volume (Routledge, Forthcoming) which analyzes the phenomenon of imposed transparency (as opposed to voluntary transparency), and the dynamics it creates in situations of low trust.
I share my research findings and participate in academic debates through presentations I give and workshops I participate in (see Talks section), and I am currently a member of both the Israeli 'Privacy and the Capitalism of Information' forum, and the international 'Trust and Transparency in an Age of Surveillance' forum. I also make a point of sharing my research findings and conclusions with non-academic organizations and forums as part of 'public sociology'. I have recently begun to serve as a reviewer for the journal Sociological Inquiry. For some additional facts about me click here.